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Rathcoole Community Centre Upgrade Fund

We urgently need your help to help fund our ongoing operations and provide assistance for upgrade works to the Rathcoole Community Centre. Your generous donations to our community-owned, non-profit, Rathcoole Community Centre over the last 40 years have been able to help our community in many more ways than most realize.
In addition to providing sports and community halls, meeting rooms, music recording facilities, and I.T. training facilities for various local voluntary groups and organizations, we provide use of our facilities for two local preschools, Teach na Leanai and Happy Feet; and Scoil Chronain primary school has use of our sports hall during the school year. Clubs like Active retired Groups, Arts & Crafts, Batton twirlers, Bridge Club, Brick Club, Dance City Ireland, Irish Dancing, kangoo Jumps, Karate, Krav- Maga, Mens Shed, Music Generation, School of Dance, Speech & Drama, Slimming World, Thatch Bridge Club, Mother & Toddler Group, Toddler World, Gym Facilities, Youth Cafe and Zumba use our premises as well to provide fun, social, and educational activities for the kids.
All this is done by a voluntary board of directors operating one of the largest Community employment schemes in our region with on average 40 part-time employees, giving many local people in our community key training and experience opportunities they otherwise would not have been able to get locally enabling them to move on to successful careers afterwards.
Last year due to the impact of Covid 19 our operating income fell substantially and impacted our operational funds and funds we had set aside for upgrading our building to maintain compliance with building codes and regulations.
We need to raise €150,000 through a combination of grants and local fundraising, we are seeking donations, any amount would be gratefully received. COVID restrictions are making fundraising very challenging. We cannot do it alone.

We need your help!