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Here you can find a list of all the activities that happen during the week in the Community Centre.

Monday to Friday
Teach na LeanaĆ­ Pre School
and After School
7.30am - 6.00pmRoom D1/ D2/ D3
Happy Feet Pre-School7.30am - 6.00pmRoom B1/ B2/ B3
Thatch Bridge Club10.00am - 1.00pmMain Hall
Active Retired10.00am - 11.00amGym
Speech and Drama3.00pm - 6.00pmSports Hall
Kangoo Discovery4.45pm - 5.45pmMain Hall
Irish Dancing (Anne)6.00pm - 7.00pmMain Hall
Zumba Classes (Fiona)7.30pm - 8.30pmSports Hall
Kangoo Jumps8.45pm - 9.45pmMain Hall
Active Retired Meeting
(1st Tuesday of every month)
2.00pm - 3.00pmRoom 2
Dance City Ireland5.00pm - 9.00pmMain Hall
Karate (Martin)6.00pm - 8.30pmSports Hall
Toddlers World10.00am - 11.00amMain Hall /Sports Hall
Active Retired (Every 2nd week)10.00am - 1.00pmMain Hall
Music Generation2.30pm - 6.30pmMain Hall,
John Nolan Room,
Room B4, Room 2,
Room C1, Room C2
Zumba Classes6.45pm - 7.45pmSports Hall
CPR Training7.00pm - 8.30pmJohn Nolan Room
(Every fortnight)
Kangoo Jumps8.00pm - 9.00pmMain Hall
Karate Suzanna4.00pm - 5.00pmMain Hall
Karate (Martin)6.00pm - 8.30pmSports Hall
Bridge Club7.00pm - 11.00pmMain Hall
School of Dance (Tanya)2.00pm - 7.30pmSports Hall
Baton Twirling11.00am - 1.00pmSports Hall