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About Us!

The Rathcoole Community Centre is dedicated to the provision of a high level of
service. We are the main Community Centre for the people of Rathcoole. We are a
focal point for the community, primary activity centre for the areas voluntary groups
and charities and a gateway to wide range of community information. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to call or email us, or drop into the centre.

Our services include:

1.  Multi use rooms that are well maintained and easily accessible
2.  Access to a wide range of information resources, both in the library and beyond
its walls
3.  Professional assistance in using the resources and services
4.  Activities and programs for adults and children
5.  Services for people with special needs, including people with disabilities, literacy needs, older people and multicultural communities
6.  Personal computers, printers and photocopiers for your use.

In providing our services, we value

1.  Meeting the needs of our community
2.  The diversity and individuality of all people
3.  The professionalism of our staff
4.  Effective communication, including your feedback on our services
5.  Our approachability.


 We look forward to seeing you soon…